ElectroLift is a simple ground control station (GCS) used to control a UAV. This is an exercise in building fully-featured desktop software using only web-based technologies.

Coinbase Payment Gateway for CubeCart

I built a payment gateway plugin for an E-commerce platform called CubeCart. It has been downloaded over 1,000 times by different businesses around the world. This plugin has helped CubeCart users accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments online.

Reaktor 5 Tutorials

While studying Music Technology at Montana State University, I created one of the most successful tutorial series on YouTube for a piece of software called Reaktor. Reaktor is a program for creating unique, high-quality instruments and effects used in professional audio workflows. As of this writing, my channel has over 1,600 subscribers and over 320K views.

ReddiForm website

A website that was built for ReddiForm Inc., a company that creates and distributes insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for homes and businesses.

The site was built using WordPress and Foundation.