Forest for the trees

April 25, 2018

I try a lot of things to improve my life. One of the things I try and do is find my bad habits and “fix” them. Struggling with getting out of bed in the morning, eating out instead of cooking, watching too much Netflix, and focusing on tasks that seem important but don’t really motivate me are some of the vices that I try to “fix”.

I put the word “fix” in quotes because addressing these things isn’t really fixing the real issue. While addressing these externalizations will certainly make life smoother, they won’t necessarily improve my overall happiness. I have to have meaningful goals that satisfy my true passions and desires. Purpose is what gives me a true reason to give up bad habits or adopt new ones. Otherwise, I won’t really have much reason to adopt or maintain them.

Habits themselves are not a silver bullet, although they are effective. You’ve got answer the “why” before you get into the “how”.

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