The right responsibilities

February 15, 2018

There can be no truly fulfilled life without doing something that you believe is a higher calling, bigger than yourself. Why, do people in this very progressive day and age, still want to have kids? Start businesses? Volunteer? These all require the opposite of laziness, but our modern culture is obsessed with being detached and avoiding responsibility more than ever.

What’s with that? Do you really want to live a life devoid of responsibility and commitment? What people really crave is a life with meaning, and responsibility and commitment are the keys to achieving it. Watching a lot of Netflix is a convenient way to delay answering those tough questions, but we all have to face the music at some point. Facing the music, meaning death.

Sometimes, living a life totally by your design is truly difficult. It’s easy to be swayed by family, friends, your finances, your health situation, etc. to “be more realistic” with your goals. Your goals may be very difficult to achieve. But trying to live a life designed by others rather than yourself is one sure way to reach the end carrying a lot of regret.

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