Adopting minimalism

February 19, 2018

While binging through a large chunk of very moving documentaries on Netflix (you know, ones related to diet, criminal justice, financial corruption, etc.), one that really stood out to me was Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. I didn’t really consciously acknowledge it until watching this film, but I’ve always kind of intuitively known that minimalism is the answer to one my pet peeves: complication.

Well, duh. Those are like, totally antonyms. But sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint what complication is. It’s not just about owning less stuff. It’s a lifestyle that is super-deliberate about letting new elements into your life, and really examining the potential value they can give you, rather than just letting them into your life because your rat-brain thinks it’s a good idea. It doesn’t just apply to tangible things. It also applies to your time, your relationships, your hobbies, goals, everything.

Our modern society presents us with so many opportunities. How do you decide what to do when you can literally do anything? First, cut away all the things you know for sure are not adding to your life in a meaningful way. This can be stuff, relationships, activities. Then, explore some of the things you’ve been dying to do, but always made excuses for putting off. Give each of those things a real, honest try. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully you find something you just find yourself doing without ever having to convince yourself that’s what you should be doing. You’ll just know.

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