New Years Directive

January 10, 2018

I’ve decided that I don’t really much care for the idea of a New Year’s resolutions anymore. No grand plan, no specific goals. Just what I like to call a “directive”.

I’ve decided to make this year’s directive Health. No specific diet plan, workout plan, etc. I will just prioritize health above most other things when given a choice between doing something healthy or non-healthy. For example, if given the choice between eating fruit and candy, when going to bed at a reasonable hour instead of “just one more” episode on Netflix, etc. A simple, high-level goal.

I’m already feeling good about this approach. I’ve decided that everything else going on in my life right now will be either better or more manageable with a happy, healthy body.

The only difficulty with this directive is that it is difficult to measure at the end of the year whether I’ve succeeded, and to what extent. I bought a scale and home blood pressure monitor, but I’m really more interested in whether I feel like I succeeded or not. I guess it will come to a general consensus of whether or not I compromised myself when given a known decision between following my directive or straying from the path.

Here’s to a strong, healthy, happy, productive, and generally wonderful New Year, however you go about it!

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