June 11, 2017

Do you find yourself putting off something silly forever? I’ve known that unit/acceptance testing is important for building robust software for awhile now, but I guess I never really got around to it because I didn’t really have a compelling, immediate reason to adopt the practice.

The software still works just fine, and I’ve been able to add features to it just fine. However, now I’m beginning to see that scalability will soon be an issue. If I really want my apps to grow, I’m going to have to adopt testing as a regular part of my workflow, so that I can basically have my buddy HAL test my app with no emotional investment in the soul-sucking task of testing.

Now that I’ve written an extremely simple, albeit very useful test, I finally took something out the theoretical, and into reality. Now that I know how it works, the wiring in my brain has made the initial connections needed to foster a new habit that can be potentially very productive.

What have you been putting off? Do you just need a little push?

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