Don’t plan too much

June 7, 2017

I built this website in about 24 hours. At the time of this writing, it’s pretty barebones. There are only a total of four pages, plus the blog posts, which are just listed with a title, date, and the first 75 characters of the posts.

Don’t feel like in order for things to happen, you need the perfect plan. What you need to do is take action. It’s only after taking action, and getting it wrong, that you can course-correct. Trying to plan your failures too much ahead of time just slows this process down.

I’m not exactly saying a plan is a bad thing. Just don’t plan too much before taking action. In fact, it will refine your plan, because now you have more data to work with. Action is the best insight into the validity of your plan.

I already know of lots of improvements I can make to my site, but they weren’t visible to my mind’s eye until I see the result in the real world. The solutions are easy to see now, but the problems were not so easy to see when I first launched it, because I didn’t know what the problems would be. I just didn’t have the bandwidth. And that’s okay.

Perfection is not the point. Growth is.

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